flying eagle i, dream voyage -九游会棋牌

flying eagle i, dream voyage - bondex business school "eagle i" opening ceremony successfully held
发布时间:2016/10/22 0:00:00
on the morning of october 22, bondex school of business "eagle i" commencement ceremony held as scheduled. leaders of the group president office, general manager of the department / branch, members of the bondex school of education, members of the "seagull i" and representatives of the "eagle i" attended the ceremony. all of you warmly welcomed the new class!

the ceremony started in the magnificent anthems. with the leadership speech, student representatives speak, flags, sworn and a series of activities carried out, "eagle i" talent training project kicked off. over the next year, "eagle i" students will participate in a series of study and group activities, and continuously develop and perfect themselves in their experiences. in the end, they will be well-versed in what they have learned.

president tang always addressed "eagle i". tang always talked about the mission, vision and values of haichengbangda, stressing that both enterprises and individuals should uphold the principle of "customer first" and "win-win cooperation", insist on the integrity and integrity of the character, exploit the spirit of innovation, take the courage and strive for excellence. don always quoted the "golden age of british philosopher bacon at hand", in order to encourage students to cherish the opportunity to learn and speed up the common dream of bonang.

professor geng, director of penang i school of bondex business school, said: "the teachers will take on the task of training the company's strategic reserve team. to this end, we will focus on heritage culture, teaching knowledge, mentor counseling, work to ensure the learning activities of the eagle project smoothly. "just graduated from the" eagle eagle, "li honglei learned:" with the best people, will make us become more and more excellent, not only can be harvested friendship, but also broaden your thinking and inspire. "good start is half the battle," seagull "seniors to share their insights and experiences with the" eagle ", so that students can better adapt to the next study life wang yanling on behalf of the class committee statement: "to be more active, more sense of service, more sense of responsibility, more team concept and to the company and students to ensure that in eagle i learning activities to do a good job and set a good bridge , play a leading role in the leadership. " students on behalf of dong-dong li said: "when not waiting, and strive for the day and night .we want to" eagle i "as a new starting point, hand in hand to dream voyage, to create belongs to the eagle, which belongs to the wonderful bangda.
i wish "flying i" students here gain knowledge, gain ability, harvest classmates friendship, happy learning, happy growth!