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bondex won "the 2017 china logistics social responsibility contribution award"
publish time:2017/11/6 11:29:08
on november 18, 2017, bondex won the "china logistics social responsibility contribution award 2017" issued by china wuhuanglian.
established in 1993, bondex international logistics co., ltd. is a member of fiata and iata international transport association. it passed the iso9001 quality system certification in 1999 and tapa certification in 2012, maintaining long-term and friendly cooperation with more than 200 agents worldwide , now haipu bangda has developed into a network of more than 70 ports and inland cities across the country integrated logistics service providers.
adhering to the customer first, win-win cooperation business philosophy, customer demand as the core, based on specialization and the global network, information and supply chain finance as the engine, bondex to provide customers a wide range of logistics solutions in the maritime transport, air transport, logistics, transportation, customs clearance and warehousing, as well as logistics solutions such as exhibition logistics, engineering logistics, cross-border e-commerce, automotive industry, semiconductor and sophisticated electronics industries. in order to provide customers with more professional services, bondex has established advanced logistics information collaboration platform, including electronic bill of lading, order platform, booking platform, car platform, customs integration platform, warehouse management system and settlement platform, through these system, bondex has handled about 220,000teu of seaborne cargo on average in the past three years, about 120,000 tons of air cargo and about 400,000 votes. it basically realized the seamless connection of all aspects of supply chain logistics.
time flies, stormy course. for more than two decades, we have gained a lot of appreciation and won many awards.
with its solid strength, bondex has been awarded as one of the "top 100 international freight forwarders in china", "china top 100 customs brokers", "top 100 logistics brand of chinese brands" and "aaa enterprise with highest corporate credit rating" , "china customs high level certification enterprise" and so on. this series of honorary titles not only affirmed the achievements of the enterprise, but also encourage and expect future development.
social development and progress are inseparable from the word "responsibility", and the so-called disabilities can not be without hong yi and have a long way to go. bondex understands that it is a logistics company that has developed along with china's economic prosperity and the country's prosperity and stability. it has always warned itself that it has also assumed social responsibility in its business operations. adhering to the corporate mission of "creating greater value for the supply chain," ocean state banda promotes the concept of public welfare for enterprises in creating value and returning wealth to the society, and has been doing its utmost to serve the cause of public welfare.
in the past 20 years, the company has donated numerous times to patients in shandong province and donated many times to poor families and poor students in qingdao. in 2003, bondex became a founding member of qingdao charity federation, actively participating in social welfare activities and helping the destitute families 500 households. in 2007, hai cheng banda charity foundation was set up to continue to promote love and give back to the community. in the 2008 wenchuan earthquake, employees at bondex donated nearly 800,000 yuan, half of which was used for the construction of the huang xu school complex in deyang. the other half was used to support beichuan disaster areas through direct supplies of tents, food, medicines and bedding. moreover, the company dispatched a large number of vehicles from qingdao, chengdu and other places free delivery of relief supplies to the disaster area. in 2009, bondex won the "qingdao charity award - most caring company for charity" for its support and dedication to philanthropy. in 2012, haenda banda sponsored guo chuan's "uninterrupted global record-one-man voyage" because of his courage and perseverance of challenging the world records and highly adhering to the company spirit bondex has been advocating. courage to challenge, work hard, continuous innovation, bondex is the great development of the mystery.
charity is a long march without an end. however, we can hear more laughter and laughter on this long march. undoubtedly, it is also conducive to the development of the enterprise as bondex's brand spread further. bondex continues to develop public welfare projects that cover many aspects, including poverty alleviation, patient assistance, and school-enterprise cooperation, and sticks to its important responsibilities in the society. through the school-enterprise cooperation platform, the company has been keeping close contact with all major and efficient businesses, paying close attention to the learning and growth of students, and providing more internships and employment opportunities for students in order to give back to the community and give back their education.
in 2001, we began to cooperate with the universities and enterprises of ocean university of china, established bondex scholarship, and became its training base. both schools and enterprises maintained close communication and interaction and paid close attention to students' learning and growth.
in 2004, we started to cooperate with shandong institute of foreign trade and set up a bondex scholarship. as a practical training base, we made full use of superior resources of both schools and enterprises to achieve extensive cooperation in professional personnel training and employment.
from 2008 onwards, the company set up bangda scholarship for the fifth consecutive year in qingdao seventeenth middle school.
in addition to the previous strategic cooperation with shandong's local schools, haikou bangda went out and actively conducted in-depth cooperation with schools outside the province.
in 2011, shaanxi university of commerce and industry began to cooperate with schools and colleges to explore a training model for innovative and practical talents and co-organized logistics management major.
in 2015, it cooperated with north china university of technology in the cooperation between school-enterprise-funded students and students.
in 2017, bondex was named as the sponsor of the "bondex" cup's 10th national foreign trade skills competition. more than 60 colleges and universities from all over the country participated in the competition. in the same year, he began to sponsor the individual donations of 5 impoverished undergraduates from lingshun garden village, yongshun county, xiangxi autonomous prefecture and will continue to graduate from their university.
chihiro million people, do not stop and stop. in the course of fulfilling our social responsibilities, our story goes far beyond this. in the future, bondex and bondex charitable foundation will, as always, fulfill the social responsibilities of corporate citizens and continue to contribute to the cause of public welfare so as to pass on the power of beauty and love.
acceptance speech:
when people examine a business growth process, often focus on his performance while ignoring the spirit of his growth. bondex has gone through 24 years of his own. with sincerity in charity, with truth in poverty alleviation, with sincerity in education, bondex, with the great cause of "shaking heaven and earth, demonstrating his responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit, bondex won this award! the new journey has been opened, is the so-called: "long winds and waves will sometimes, straight clouds sail sea."