the qingdao belling museum opened for customs clearance and storage and transportation by bondex bondex supply chain management co.,ltd.-九游会棋牌

the qingdao belling museum opened for customs clearance and storage and transportation by bondex
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on october 24, the qingdao beilin nature museum officially opened by qingdao north district government and qingdao institute of science and technology of chinese academy of sciences. the museum contains more than 400 kinds of rare animal specimens in the world, all by the sea cheng bangda responsible for customs clearance during the declaration bangda customers actively coordinate with the various certificates, promptly solve the inspection and quarantine special documents, disinfection measures and other issues.

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the entire project since july 2016 the first clearance of entry, and temporary storage in our constant temperature and humidity warehouse, storage time up to 14 months. our warehouse staff carefully management, and effectively do pest control, anti-rat, anti-mold work to ensure that the specimen intact.

animal specimens in a thermostatic warehouse

in mid-september this year, the museum was completed and related specimens, including extra long and wide elephants, giraffes, etc., were all safely arrived at the museum in four batches by haidong bangda until october 11 to ensure the museum's opening on schedule. customer praise.

qingdao belling museum of nature is located in shibeiqu children's park and covers an area of about 7,200 square meters. it is co-established by shibei district government, us global health and education foundation and qingdao institute of science and technology, chinese academy of sciences. the total investment 164 million yuan, which lasted nearly a year to build, is the first interactive experience of natural museums.

there are more than 400 precious wildlife specimens from the beling museum of nature, donated by mr. behring for free. as an internationally renowned philanthropist and collector of wild american wildlife specimens, kenneth eugene bellin attaches great importance to popular science education in museums and has donated a large number of rare animal specimens to many nature museums, historical museums, science and technology museums and institutions of higher learning in china. . qingdao belling museum of natural history is the only natural museum named after mr. behring.

relying on more than 400 rare wildlife specimens donated by kenneth eugene bell, a famous philanthropist in the united states, the museum uses the digital imaging and interactive technologies of the chinese academy of sciences to perfectly integrate the forms and contents of exhibitions and give the animals the second " life ", fully demonstrating the harmonious co-existence between man and nature and creating an interactive experience-based nature museum integrating science and technology, culture, tourism, leisure, public welfare, science popularization and education service functions.