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world expo dream of bondex logistics
publish time:2010/3/31 0:00:00

the opening of world expo will not only promote the development of backbone industries such as financial service, modern logistics, real estate etc. but drive the emerging industries to make further development including science, information technology service, exhibition businesses, travel industry, commercial service etc. and also help the potential industries such as advertising, public relations, cultural and entertainments and human resources etc. to break through their development bottlenecks.

it is estimated that world expo will bring direct investment of up to 3 billion usd and the investment in related fields will be five to ten folds of direct investment. also, it is estimated the visitors will be up to 70 million person times. it is noticeable that the expo will bring huge momentum to shanghai, and surrounding area and even the whole country.

with approaching of shanghai world expo, the work for expo will be further intensified. the leading enterprises from various industries flooded into the shanghai to seek business opportunities.

mar. 20 is saturday, but the logistics work is still being continued in china pavilion.

lv zhihui, one of staff from bondex logistics who is responsible for the work of this pavilion, said i have to eat the hard steamed bread and drink cold water this noon because i have no time to prepare my lunch.

lv zhihui is only one representative of the staff of bondex logistics working for world expo logistics. as one of designated logistics suppliers, bondex logistics has selected many senior personnel like lv zhihui from their branches around the country for the world expo logistics work. bondex logistics knows that this world expo project is a huge test for them in 17 years of operation. finally, this company successfully finished the logistic work with their 9 years of exhibition and logistic experiences and senior work team. meanwhile, bondex logistics promoted their service brand in the international community through this world expo project.

aggressive core team

reporter saw on mar. 19 in the world expo logistics center that the logistics offices have been crowded by staff of bondex logistics, sinotrans, and fanlian logistics and the bondex logistics personnel alone occupied the half of the space.

when reporter met with lu ming, chief director of world expo, he was very tired due to high pressure of the logistics work. but he still said with pride that now the company is gradually setting up 200 person logistics work team who will accumulate rich experience in this project and then help company develop in the future.

world expo logistics is a complex project which includes sea transport, air transport, land transport, storage, allotment and cold chain logistics etc. lu ming said that bondex logistics has mobilized all good resources of the company to be involved in the world expo project.

as one of staff, lv zhihui said he only slept several hours a day and can not clearly remembered when he had the latest rest and he only wanted to communicate with customers to coordinate the work. also, he knew he is one of many workers who are working with high pressure. through these efforts, bondex logistics set up a strong core team.

it is known that world expo logistics are so diversified that it contains many transport modes which requires the workers to have rich experience in transportation as well as good communication skills and good foreign language competency. bondex logisitcs has selected many senior personnel from branches and recruited some excellent persons from the society to establish a professional logistics team for world expo to take charge of communications, coordination and services for world expo logistics work.

chen guanxi manager of bondex logisitics exhibition transport department, said that the company has established a work team through this chance who has the capability to undertake any large exhibition logistics work across the world, which laid solid foundation for further development in exhibition transport businesses.

brand influence is greatly enhanced.

during team establishment, bondex logistics improved their brand influence greatly.

fu li, project manger of world expo logistics enterprise pavilion of bondex logistics said while pointing to her a pile of business cards that he is responsible for the logistics work of enterprise pavilion, and she should communicate with 3-6 responsible persons of each enterprise each day, so, she will consult and confirm with dozens of persons a day. when i take up the telephone, i can immediately know who is from which company and then quickly communicate with him about the logistics solution and plan. all the information and data should be kept in mind for use.

with further development of her work, she found that more customers came to recognize the bondex brand and then these enterprises are more willing to hand their business to bondex. fu li said, “i think more enterprise trust us, which means more enterprises recognize our brands”.

additionally, with start of logistics work for state pavilions such as japan pavilion and germany pavilion etc, more international organizations and enterprises got to know bondex brand and our service philosophy. chen guanxi said that the largest gain for them is brand enhancement and team building during this world expo which is also the largest gain in 9 years of operations.

it is known that bondex logistics developed fast in exhibition businesses since 2001 especially in beijing, shanghai, guangzhou etc. at that time, bondex started to focus on exhibition transport businesses and successfully provides excellent logistics services to many famous exhibitions such as apec enterprise technology exchange & exhibition, frankfurt household textile exhibition, global resources exhibition, and usa consumer electronics exhibition in the coming 6-7 years. additionally, bondex logistics has been designated logistics supplier for guangzhou trade fair for many years and successfully provided logistics services to 29th olypics sailing regatta and 2008-2009 volvo global sailing regatta etc.

bondex steps out to win the bid.

chen guanxi said that they started to prepare for the bidding work of 2010 shanghai world expo at the beginning of 2007.

it is said that bondex logistics have great interest in 2010 shanghai world expo logistics project and they think it will be a development milestone if they successfully participated in the logistics work of world expo. in 2006, bondex logistics designed special logistics solution for the customers during the bidding for exhibit import work of guangzhou trade fair, which was evaluated as the first technical solution and then helped bondex logistics to successfully win the bid for 2010 shanghai world expo.

bondex logistics inquired about the specific information related this world expo and made accurate and precise estimate for the logistics costs. in terms of transportation, the company has communicated with many world class logistics enterprises to further improve their logistics services. through these efforts, the company worked out detailed logistics transport solution and successfully won the bid for 2010 shanghai world expo.

this world expo is the largest one in history, which brings greater difficulties to the whole logistics work. bondex logistics set up a strong professional work team for world expo without any reference data and successfully provided a satisfying logistics solution to the shanghai world expo administration through much calculation and analysis.

bondex logistics undertook the logistics work of 2010 shanghai world expo which set up a paragon for qingdao logistics industry to “step out”. the management of bondex logistics always thinks only through working under high pressure and challenging the higher target could the enterprises survive in the market. the relevant official of the company also said that the chance will not wait for you and the enterprise should “step out” to seek more chances for development.