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world expo logistics work of bondex
publish time:2010/6/26 0:00:00

till now 2010 shanghai world expo has been operating for over one month. as one of designated logistics suppliers of 2010 shanghai world expo, bondex logistics has been undertaking the logistics work in the duration of world expo without any distractions.

2010 shanghai world expo is the largest one in history. it is known world expo logistics is an extremely complex project, which covers sea transport, air transport, land transport, storage, allotment, cold chain logistics etc. and its transport volume is basically equal to one city. bondex logistics need to transport all the engineering materials and exhibits to display zones in early period. and all the structures should be demolished and transported out of display zones except for several architectures on center line upon ending of world expo. such two items of work alone are extremely huge.

because the world expo logistics project is extremely complex, higher requirements should be made to ensure the workers have rich logistics experiences as well as good communication skills and good foreign language competency. bondex logistics set up a strong professional project team without any reference data. additionally, bondex logistics selected senior workers from various branches around the country and recruited excellent workers from society to establish professional logistics team to take charge of communication, coordination and customer service for world expo logistics work. till now, bondex logistics world expo team has successfully sustained many tests.

2010 shanghai world expo is a good chance for bondex logistics to further develop. this grand meeting will not only bring a chance to bondex to establish close partnership with world class suppliers but also create a platform for it to seek more cooperation. bondex logistics will build a more mature work team to undertake any large size logistics projects around the world which lays solid foundation for bondex to develop in terms of exhibition transport businesses.

the future bondex will be a comprehensive company which will take a leading position both in traditional businesses such as sea transport, air transport, clearance services, and emerging businesses such as logistics distribution, bonded logistics, exhibition transport, supply chain management etc. meanwhile, bondex logistics will use the chance of world expo to intensify their service concepts, improve their service level so as to forge a global logistics service brand.