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bondex and ocean university of china ten years celebration cum education fund signing ceremony
publish time:2012/11/16 0:00:00

ocean university of china and bondex international logistics co., ltd. ten-year cooperation ceremony cum education fund signing ceremony was held on november 12, 2012 in the laoshan campus of the university of ocean university of china ocean university party secretary yu zhigang, china ocean university education foundation chairman feng ruilong wang xiping, chairman of bondex international logistics co., ltd. and gao zhongji, deputy general manager, attended the celebration ceremony to celebrate the 10th anniversary of school-enterprise cooperation and jointly shared the fruitful results of mutual win-win cooperation.

in 2002, bondex set up a special scholarship at ocean university to reward and subsidize students who excel in academic performance, family difficulties, and actively participate in social practice. over the past decade, a total of 517 students from the universities of the sea and five advanced groups have won bondex scholarships and 20 defense students have received the bondex defense scholarship. over the past ten years, both schools and enterprises have worked closely together to educate people with practical actions. to date, more than 200 students and trainees from the universities and colleges have entered the bondex internship program to visit and exchange information.

in order to give full play to their own advantages and work together to promote personnel training and business development in higher education institutions, the two sides signed a new "donation agreement" and "cooperation agreement on education and teaching" during the celebration of this 10-year cooperation and the establishment of a 1000 000 bondex education fund to reward more university students to support their students to carry out innovative and practical activities. we hope that through the cooperation platform set up by both schools and enterprises, we will work together to promote the improvement and sustainable development of education funds so as to achieve a win-win situation among students, schools and enterprises. on the basis of 10-year cooperation, ocean university of china and bondex will continue their efforts to launch beautiful flowers and achieve fruitful results through sincere, wisdom and sweat into the broader and deeper fields of cooperation.