a successful operation for the cross-九游会棋牌

a successful operation for the cross-border e-commerce bonded warehouse center
publish time:2019/11/28 0:00:00

bondex's cross-border e-commerce bonded warehouse center opened in june,2019. recently we experienced the first double eleven shopping festival and succeeded in the test. during that time, the colleagues worked day and night without any hesitate, and completed 160,000 orders out of the warehouse by november 13. it is said that the quantity of daily operation increased ten times than before which make us complete the plan 2 days in advance.the statistics shows that the warehouse center’s on-time receipt rate, receipt accuracy, inventory accuracy rate, and on-time delivery rate are all reached 100%. we finished the double eleven shopping festival promotion perfectly.

in fact, the e-commerce business department has done adequate security plan in advance, they communicated in advance with luzhou customs, hefei export processing zone administration, hefei cross-border e-commerce customs clearance service platform, what’s more, the customs officers, customs clearance technical engineers of the service platform, the colleagues of our it department and other personnel work on site 24 hours a day in turn, in this case, any abnormal situations can be resolved as soon as possible; we establish school-enterprise partnerships with many universities and colleges in hefei, which can supervise some intern students before the festival to help to ensure the success; we communicate with the courier company about the quantity of delivery orders, deploying out-of-warehouse equipment and delivery vehicles and so on.

after the test of 618 and 1111 promotion, the team of the e-commerce business got more professional and rich experiences. in the future, we wish it is able to replicate models in more cities so that we can provide more high-quality professional services for our customers.