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 bondex through the electronic information exchange services, vpn network applications, as well as freight tracking and supply chain management information platform, providing customers with innovative international logistics business solutions independent research and development software:

international cargo operation management software:
shipping.net international cargo operation management software, is the leading international freight forwarding industry business operations management software, but also bondex's core business systems platform to handle electronic bills of lading and freight tracking window as the core, so that customers can quickly get specific information feedback, online booking, billing and other work. designed specifically for large and medium-sized international logistics enterprises in various port cities in china, it helps enterprises to quickly establish standardized business operation procedures and integrated operation platforms so as to realize data sharing and collaboration among various departments and positions such as sales, operations, customer service and finance. unified, to help the group of enterprises to establish centralized business management, real-time group headquarters, branches around the business management and analysis for the business management decision-making to provide data support.

shipping network shipping booking platform:
the ocean shipping booking platform aims to standardize, intelligently and globally visualize shipping booking door-to-door logistics and provide a standardized e-commerce trading platform for shippers, freight forwarding and shipping companies to realize the integration of container export procedures. for the market participants to establish an open and fair trading channels, to provide standardized products, standardized service processes, standardized service commitment and competitive prices.

logistics order collaboration platform:
logistics order collaborative platform is an informationized collaborative management system for third-party logistics enterprises. the platform combines the perfect combination of online transaction and offline service, integrates logistics services and integrates shipping companies, fleets, customs clearance, inspection, storage and freight forwarding companies and other resources, so that resources are centrally managed and reasonably distributed; the various functions of the platform can operate independently, but also collaborative cooperation, but also information sharing; through this management platform, you can improve logistics time and reduce logistics costs , for the third-party logistics enterprises to build their own core competitiveness laid a solid foundation.

logistics information service platform:
with many years of logistics and customs clearance software r & d experience, based on the concept of public platform of fairness and justice, data security, high data cooperation and uniform interface, we have jointly developed logistics information service platform with qingdao customs data sub-center. platform for the new manifest transmission enterprises, all aspects of logistics operations generated logistics data synergy, series, confirmed, integration, upstream and downstream enterprises to achieve the sharing of data and status, and help enterprises to eliminate the import and export business chain data gap, reduce error, enhance business perspective, improve operational efficiency, reduce operating costs and enhance the overall level of competition in the global supply chain.

mcnair reported one-stop clearance platform:
the one-stop gateway platform is a joint service platform developed jointly with qingdao customs data sub-center in 2015 and launched in 2015. the platform provides enterprises with high-quality declaration with the vision of "making customs clearance more convenient and trade more simple" auxiliary services, standardized business operations and management, to achieve the sharing of information, resources and data interoperability between platforms to improve business efficiency, reduce the reporting error rate, and create a new customs clearance environment.

tms logistics transportation management system:
tms logistics transport management system used in logistics business transport business, fundamentally improve the efficiency of transport management system. the system mainly includes such modules as order management, dispatch distribution, traffic management, gps vehicle location system, vehicle management, personnel management, data reporting, basic information maintenance and system management. the system conducts comprehensive and detailed statistical examination of vehicles, drivers and lines, to achieve optimal vehicle loading, improve the utilization of transportation resources and reduce the empty running rate of vehicles, so that enterprises in a fierce market competition in a leading position.

wms warehouse management system:
wms warehouse management system to meet the flexible inventory management strategy, batch strategy, shelf strategy, replenishment strategy, wave strategy, distribution strategy, out of the library strategy to meet the refined inventory management needs and effective use of warehouse storage space, improve storage capacity of warehouses, and realize first-in-first-out on the use of materials. in the end, the utilization of storage space in enterprises and the quality and efficiency of material management of enterprises are reduced, the inventory cost of enterprises is reduced, and the market competitiveness of enterprises is enhanced.

financial settlement system:
financial settlement system supports a variety of business models such as maritime transport, air transport, trucking, railways and so on. it can be used as a stand-alone financial management software or integrated with an internal business management system module. the system not only provides a complete logistics financial accounting system management functions, and on this basis extends the requirements of the logistics industry, enhance the management concept of the enterprise, provide timely and accurate protection for the management decision of the enterprise.