team activities
much various team activities such as outward development, training, traveling and so on
spare time
work with fun, live with happiness,the show of the staff
good share
internal publication, books or the skills of office soft

company logo


the core graphic symbols of the logo integrates the elements of sails, aircrafts and eagles, it accurately reflects the characteristics of the logistics industry. the font designs are massive and generous, it emblems the business natures are safety and stability, the italicized processing font highlights the sense of speed. the entire logo is of a sense of dynamic, with a quick and rapid visual effect, contrast with the steady font spacing, we are seeking an artistic conception of speed in stability, movement from stillness.

colorific matching of the logo: blue stands for mature and stability, red stands for passion and prospects, arrow pointing to the red color represents the better business prospects of the enterprise.

the logo is simple and elegant, easy to remember and identify and with full of international vision.