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domestic logistics


putting saas into advanced contract logistics, driving the integration of large fleets of high-quality transport capacity, realizing high-value cargo transportation transactions and extending the post-logistics service system.


· expert logistics software solutions:
in-depth analysis of various logistics scenarios, more professional and directional solutions
· transparent saas collaborative platform:
connecting all elements of logistics, more comprehensive networks
· truck - cargo information matching platform:
higher requirements on line punctuality, more accurate matching
· trucks – cargo matching & vehicle management platform:
full service beginning from the source of goods to the end delivery, more streamlined logistics

2 visual information systems:e-tms, e-wms
7 distribution centers:beijing, shanghai, qingdao, shenzhen, chongqing, wuhan, zhengzhou and xi’an
vehicles available:more than 2,000 units
self-owned vehicles:more than 300 units
transport capacity:300,000 trips/year
controlled warehouse area:400,000 square meters


other service

  • sea transport service sea transport service
  • air transport service
  • customs affairs service customs affairs service
  • domestic logistics domestic logistics
  • exhibition logistics service exhibition logistics service
  • engineering logistics engineering logistics
  • railway transport service railway transport service