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customs affairs service



cloud technology sits at the core of our intelligent customs integration platform, providing efficient customs clearance services by helping customers optimize their customs clearance process while mitigating customs risks and minimize logistics costs.


qualifications and honors
·senior authorized economy operator by chinese customs (aeo)
·top 100 customs declaration enterprise in china

·cross-border customs clearance
·cross-border e-commerce, personal belongings, express and ·special trade customs clearance service
·cargo pre-classification/pre-test price
·enterprise aeo certification consulting service
·customs affairs systematic solutions

successful cases
·founder and cooperative partner of china electronic port "logistics integration system" (lis) platform
·customs new manifest testing unit
·strategic partner of china electronic port customs affairs system development
·first batch of testing unit of customs clearance paperless electronic information


throughout 12 direct subordinated clearance zones
with 23 years’ experience of customs operations
professional service team of 200 employees
annual declaration: 400,000


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