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railway transport service

experts of the belt and road.
providing synthetic one-stop services including container rental, customs clearance, warehousing, short distance flip,
loading & unloading, and multimodal transportation service etc.

seasoned professionals with over 20 years of industry experience; self-owned container operation network all over the world; efficient link-ups with air-ocean-land-railway multimodal transportation; direct contract agents with china railway corporation, kazakhstan railways, russian railways and deutsche bahn; more than 150 trips of international special block train dispatched every year.


block train transportation
·domestic bulk goods in block trains
·china-europe block train platform
·central asia block train platform
·tank container transportation for liquid chemicals
·cold chain railway express

international combining transport
·ocean-railway cross border transport
·railway lcl and scattered cargo express service
·engineering project and oversized cargo transportation
·frozen goods, fresh and perishable goods transportation


other service

  • sea transport service sea transport service
  • air transport service
  • customs affairs service customs affairs service
  • domestic logistics domestic logistics
  • exhibition logistics service exhibition logistics service
  • engineering logistics engineering logistics
  • railway transport service railway transport service