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air transport service



produce a standardized air transport platform with a strong focus on market trends and demands; integrate booking, customs clearance, warehouse and distribution services while providing efficient, safe and value-added services.


annual amount of export and import is 250,000 tons
33 agents of airlines
3 charters airlines, 46 flights annually
15 bsa airlines

air transport platform
·booking service
·airport site operation platform
·airport supervision warehouse platform
·global airport charter service
·global air blocked service
·international express service
·transport of goods of fresh and perishable goods, valuable goods, dangerous goods and large equipment etc.


other service

  • sea transport service sea transport service
  • air transport service
  • customs affairs service customs affairs service
  • domestic logistics domestic logistics
  • exhibition logistics service exhibition logistics service
  • engineering logistics engineering logistics
  • railway transport service railway transport service