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logistics industry is a typical application of rtls technology. in the logistics solution, the speed, efficiency, accuracy rate, and information integration are always the targets that all logistics companies pursue for. the combination of wi-fi and rtls will improve the product quality after a series of technical innovations and thoroughly resolve the difficulties of identification and tracking of the remote-distance and super-low power and high speed moving markers with its cost far lower than similar products abroad, which will offer world-leading assets tracking solution to the logistics industry. 
based on wi-fi rtls technological basis, the system is based on standard wireless lan which could form global industrial management network and realize identification and tracking of goods across regions, and borders and then realize global circulation. the application of wi-fi rtls in logistics industry could not only break the bottleneck of bottom data gathering in logistics industry but also improve automated handling level of logistics on each level and improve the logistics operation efficiency and accuracy and reduce the logistics costs and also could resolve goods searching, thefts and wastage caused by disturbed logistics chain etc. besides, this could disuse the manual intervention during tracking process, saving large quantities of labor force and materials and improving working efficiency. therefore, it is attractive for logistics industry.