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in order to enable the sales team to improve the sales skills, trying to make a better understanding and grasping business knowledge, deepening understanding of the company's products, enhancing interaction and communication skills, the marketing center in conjunction with the operation management department went through a research and analysis,presented the studying exchange program of 2015 in shandong branch offices:from may-july, using "learning center" platform on the company’s website for self-studying; from march-december, participating in "bondex learning" air classroom launched by sea transport center and integrated withall business sectors; in september, organizing a special subject training on comprehensive marketing capability.

trying to consolidate the first period studying and creating a positive learning atmosphere, on july 16th, 2015, marketing center worked together with sea transport center and operation management department, organizeda contest in shandong branch offices based onsales knowledgein jinan. after the pre-planning discussions, the competitionwasdesignedin three parts, which including required questions, quick responses and team works; players were divided into three teams at the competition site, after an enthusiastic discussion, captain, team name and slogan was determined by each team in less than a minute’s time.before the first question was shown on the big screen, the players of "take easyteam", "brightrainbow team" and "red sun team" had raised their spirits and confidence for the game. every single player listened to questions carefully and answeredthe questions calmly. quick response sector was one of the most exciting part, answering correctlycould add points, wrong answer led to lose points, risks and opportunities were coexist.all the team members were full of enthusiasm and eager to overtake the other teams. applauses, laughter and moans could be heard all over the competition site, and the stadium atmosphere has reached a climax gradually. as the game progressed, the scores of each team raised alternatively.  group company manager mr. xu, ms. huihui and mr. junying wang from sea transport center, mr. lun chen from marketing center have given professional explanations and comments to the audience. it was a really a tight and exciting contest!after a fierce competition, "take easyteam" and "red sun team"  finally tied for the first place, and "brightrainbow team" won the second place due to a 10 points backwards.

after the competition was closed, general manager mr. xu has given a full recognition for the first period of studying,he has also pointed out that: the company's website platform, air classroom, contests and other forms of learning resources and training activities has created a good learning environment for everyone, stimulatedemployees enthusiasm for learning sales skills; he expected that we should regard this contest as a consolidate review to shipping, air transport business knowledge andto promote our learning by competition, to promote more application by contest, acquire a solid internal strength, and become a professional bondex person.